Close-up of David Hix – or as close as you dare.

He looks like this now. Mouseover image to see an earlier incarnation.

Buckingham PalaceHix was born, some say. His greatest influence in his early life was his grandmother’s parrot, which is probably why, even to this day, he sits on the back of his sofa with some seed and a bell, muttering something about … oh never mind.

After meeting Robert Duncan his life changed dramatically. He restlessly flogged cards around the world, and moved the Really Good Card Company into larger and more swanky premises, culminating in the snug but pleasant surroundings of today.

Close-up of Robert Duncan – the living legend.

He looks like this now. Mouseover image to see how he looked pre-electricity.

Robert Duncan always refused to play rugger at his public school. When the others scrummed down he thought they were talking about him. Instead he developed his amazing skill as an artist (he wrote this bit) and soon became a bit of a beatnik. It has never been established which bit.

Around that time Caxton got into printing and Robert’s life changed forever. Suddenly his work was being seen by millions. Advertising companies beat a path to his door. His children’s book was published and his play toured the country to house-filling effect. He ate at all the best restaurants. Then he met Hix …

Success hasn’t changed him at all. He still goes to bed every night with Cocoa. Or did, until he was thrown out of the circus.


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