Single Frame Speed Draw Cartoons

We have been making Speed Drawing films for the last few years (see the Speed Drawing page on this very website for loads of examples) and we suddenly realised there is a need for single frame drawings, where the attention-getting speaker or conference presenter wants to attract some positive attention. So at the click of the clicky thing he can start a cartoon insert from a blank screen, let the audience watch the development of the cartoon in quick time, and freeze the complete drawing for as long as he wants to talk about it. How about that? You won't hear a yawn during that bit!
Robert Duncan takes the brief, submits visuals, and then draws the agreed subjects under the prying camera. You get the cartoons in the right format to slip into your speech or PowerPoint presentation, and your audience will love you forever!

See a fab sample of Single Frame Speed Draw Cartoons.

The first mono cartoon, as long as it's not ridiculously complicated, is £250 including all visuals, filming and post production. Subsequent drawings, done at the same session, cost £125 each. A small amount to pay for giving your speech the kiss of life...

Ring Robert Duncan on 01844 201200, 07860 183241, or email

Good eh?


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